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  • In view of the corporate identity, project function, operating requirements and site limitations, how much of what I want can I accomplish?
  • Can I clearly identify the Project Objectives and constraints?
  • Can I fix the budget and schedule and remain within them?
  • What are the various approaches to accomplishing this project? Which is best?
  • Can I translate a project strategy into a comprehensive development schedule?
  • Which architect is best suited for this project?
  • Can I clearly communicate the Project Objectives to the architect?
  • Can I assess design, maintain the architect’s schedule, and remain within the budget?
  • Can I convert the project strategy into clear and manageable contract documents?
  • Who are the most qualified and responsive contractors for bidding?
  • Can I ensure that the contractor has committed to a complete scope, a reasonable price and a full understanding of the project prior to selection?
  • How do I integrate the strict requirements of the lender or financing agency into the design and construction process?
  • Can I meet the requirements of municipal, state and federal regulatory agencies?
  • How do I evaluate the detailed aspects of construction in progress?
  • Can I prepare and implement an effective plan of action if progress falls behind schedule?
  • How successfully can I resolve disputes during construction without cost and schedule losses?
  • Can I administer and coordinate the requirements for a successful project opening?
  • How do I administer project close-out and achieve final completion?

Answers to these questions require foresight, experience and a comprehensive understanding of the Client’s role in every facet of planning, design and construction. The SMITH ADVISORY GROUP brings a wealth of experience in addressing such critical questions as these - and many others like them.